We are the Barcombe Rookies (a group of children who are in training to become part of Barcombe Bonfire Society’s committee).

In the future we have many things planned including lots of fundraising: cake sales, a fun run and there is much more to come.

Our training is going to involve people from the committee joining us for one of our monthly meetings to teach us their selective skill.

Our next meeting is going to be held on the 9th of June for futher information please contact us @

Chairwoman: Louisa

Vice-chair: Theo & Eva

Treasure: George & Sophie

Membership Secretary: Aaron

Secretary: Amy

Website Manager: Caitlin

Captain of Out meetings: George & Caitlin

Captain of fundraising: Tabitha

General Committee: Everyone

This is the clergy tower.
This is our badge for 2019. It was designed by the chair-woman Louisa.
Although we are a different committee, we still walk in the procession with Barcombe Bonfire.